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The Junior League of Greater Elmira-Corning is continually fundraising so that it can provide funds to the community by way of its Grants program.  

Member-Sponsored Grants

Our Junior League members are community-minded and often are affiliated or passionate about other organizations and projects.  A member can present a project or organization for possible funding.  The JLGEC member will ask the organization or group to visit this page and complete the Member-Sponsored Grant application.  MSGs are issued in amounts not to exceed $1,000.00 per project.  Like our other grants, an organization or group awarded this grant must wait two years before being recommended for this grant again.

Outstanding High School Senior Volunteer Scholarship

JLGEC seeks to assist a young woman in our community who personifies our organization's mission. This scholarship seeks to reward a young woman who is college-bound and is currently donating, or has donated her time to volunteering. This can be in either her school or the community during her senior year. The $2,500 scholarship is intended to be used for college expenses.


JLGEC Grants & Scholarships

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